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design your own course 

Experimenting in Lab

GCSE & A Level

LSLS offers GCSE and A Level tutoring for all subjects. Our tutors are well experienced and may assure success in exams

Giving a Presentation

Employment Courses 

LSLS offers essential employment course to uplift the learners at their workplace. It helps job retention. 

Electrical engineer working on circuit b

Engineering Courses

LSLS offers on demand engineering and design courses. Learners and organisations may design their own course to develop specific skills. 

LSLS arranges the best tutor from the field with professional experience to deliver the first hand knowledge. 

LSLS helps engineering community across the world to upgrade with the latest technology in the field to compete for the market

Work Desk

IT Courses 

LSLS offers latest IT software and hardware courses on demand.

IT Technology upgrades with fast pace, it is important for IT worker and organization to upgrade with the change of technology and enviornment.

LSLS helps individual learner and organisations to provide latest tech courses on demand.

LSLS arrange the software and trainer from any part of the world to upgrade learners to compete latest market. 

Filling Out a Form

Online Learning 

LSLS provides the online learning platform for the various fields including academics, technical, life and transferable skills.

A learner gets interactive live learning for any subject which is expensive or not available around.

Now LSLS arrange an online tutor from any part of the world. 

Learners may get training from the specialised people from their field.  It will increase the skills sharing globally, 

LSLS is not an ordinary online course provider, it is a platform for learners and trainers to learn and demonstrate their skills via designed courses. 

Man with Key

Customise Course

LSLS gives the opportunity to raise the demand for the course by the learner community. Anyone may send a request for the course or customise its own course.

A learners may ask to conduct a course related to any field, LSLS will find the tutor and set the course either One to One or Group session.

This service also available for corporate training where an organisation may request us to train its employee for a specific technology, LSLS will arrange the trainer and organise the course.

Our team of experts are available to design a course from an ordinary skill or topic to maintain the academic standard.

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