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Admissions & Enrolment

LSLS offers conventional certificate and diploma courses in the field of business, information technology & healthcare and also several short courses. LSLS admission policy and procedure are made according to the course requirement. The classroom-based course has a specific requirement and fee structure. Similarly, online courses allow learners to chose a flexible way of learning. The learner needs to review and understand the course requirements, policy and procedures according to the chosen course. 

Admission team are well trained and happy to serve at any stage of your admission query. Please feel free to contact at

Apply for a Online or Full-Time course


Look through this website for any courses you are interested in. Here you will find detailed information about each course, its content and entry requirements.


Once you’ve chosen the courses you’re interested in, fill in the application form online, or the printed one at the back of the prospectus. You can send us your application at any time during the year. Some courses fill up quickly so you should apply as soon as possible. Your course choices are not set in stone. So, do not worry, you may change your mind at any point during the application process.


We will invite you to attend an online interview to discuss your course choices. Your parents or guardians are welcome to come along. It will last about 30 minutes. After-school or evening appointments can be made. We start interviewing from August onwards so make sure you apply early!


Once you have had your interview, we will send you an offer letter, which will tell you the entry requirements for your courses, and give you important enrolment dates.


If you accept the place we offer, you will be asked to attend one of our Pre-Enrolment session online or face-to-face and you need to deposit required fees


You will receive class schedule and module details.


Need help with your application? Contact our School Liaison team on 00442080044366  or email 

Our live chat are also a great place to find out more information and talk directly to lecturers about specific courses.

Enrollment Process

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Your Gateway to Learning

If you have secured a place at LSLS offered or bespoke course then you must need to enrol yourself through our registrar office.  You may contact us for your enrolment after fee payment at

Fees & Funding

Online Shopping

How We Help

All course have different fee structure and funding criteria. Please review the course fee or funding at course page or fees and funding.

Academic Requirements


The Information You Need

Learner required to fulfil the minimum admission requirement to enrol in a course. Academic requirements for all courses are available with course detail. If a learner has any query, please feel free to contact at or visit the course page. 

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