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About Us

London School of Learning Skills (LSLS) aims to develop skills and educate learners to make a successful future. LSLS offers short courses, diploma and degree programmes and awards the learners by the recognised UK awarding bodies. LSLS covers a variety of courses in the field of Business, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Employment, Engineering, Education, and Islamic Finance.

LSLS provides a unique platform where learners from across the world may attend the training of their choice. Furthermore, LSLS is giving opportunities to experts to deliver knowledge to its target audience.


Likewise, LSLS serve the learning community in many ways by accepting the request for customised or on-demand (Bespoke) courses from across the world. Also, LSLS arrange teaching resources to train the requested program.


LSLS achieve another milestone in the education field and expanded its operation to Pakistan. LSLS offers UK based certificate and diploma programmes in Pakistan where learners may get face to face or online learning experience. Learners will be awarded a certificate and a diploma from UK awarding bodies which are acceptable worldwide. Learners who wish to pursue their education in a different part of the world based on the offered diploma may take admission. Also, Learners may start a professional career after completion of the diploma.


LSLS putting its effort to provide high-quality education in everyone’s reach across the world at a low cost.

College Students
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